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Welcome to the San Anselmo Co-Op!
This year we are celebrating our 75th year anniversary!








On January 2, 2023, a giant oak tree from our backyard fell into the San Anselmo  Co-op, crashing through the roof in several places, our fence, and damaging the properties on either side of our site. Unfortunately, it happened during an epic rainstorm, and the damage to our sweet building has been extensive, inside and out. Please donate by selecting the link below and help us rebuild our school to be even better than it was before. Our school has served the communities of Marin since 1947, and we hope to keep going strong for years to come!


On Wednesday, January 11th we are also doing a Dine and Donate fundraiser through Creekside Pizza and Taproom in San Anselmo.  Mention the co-op when you dine and we get 15% of the proceeds.  They also do take-out!

Thank you for your love and support!

San Anselmo Co-Operative Nursery School is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization, that has been providing a unique experience for young children and their parents to learn and grow alongside one another since 1947. The strength, interest and talents of participating parents provides the energy that fuels the school, which allows them to create the kind of school they desire for their child.


By sharing experiences, insights, joys and struggles, relationships are nurtured and friendships are made. Relying on parent ingenuity, teamwork and labor, helps keep fees low and the program available to a wide spectrum of people.

By working closely with our teachers, parents enhance their ability to interpret child behavior and to influence it constructively. They also grow more objective about their own child's development by observing and understanding many children, each time they work at the school.


We aim to foster physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth in each child by providing opportunities to explore the world and discover new things in a playful and meaningful way. With a flexible daily routine, we strive to achieve a balance between spontaneity and structure. We hope that this strong foundation helps set the pace for a lifelong love of learning. 

Many of the cooking, art, and science projects, as well as circle times, are provided by parents, so the curriculum is ever-changing and draws upon the experience and knowledge of participants. This structure is the backbone of the community-based philosophy that is the essence of the Co-op experience.

Your child will learn:

The joy of expression through       beautiful and messy materials

How to interact with peers

That other adults care about them and are interested in their efforts.

Learning and fun are synonymous

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